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Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara (UISU)

The Islamic University of North Sumatera (formally abbreviated as UISU) is a private university, located in Medan, (Indonesia). UISU is the premier university in North Sumatera and is known for having high  standards in its traditions of teaching and research and eminent scholars are enlisted to  its faculties. It was established by young Muslim leaders, namely, Mr. Bahrum Djamil, Mr. Adnan Benawi, Ms. Sariani AS, Mr. Rivai Abdul Manaf Nasution , and Mr. Sabaruddin Ahmad in January 7, 1951. Before its establishment, it was named Akademi Islam Indonesia (Academy of Islam Indonesia) but then the honourable Mr. Abd. Hakim (Governor of North Sumatera) and Mr. K.H. Abdul Wahid Hasyim  (Minister of Religious Affairs) changed this academy into Perguruan Tinggi Islam Indonesia (PTII). The first lectures were formally delivered at the Faculty of Law and at the Faculty of Social Sciences in January 7, 1952 and these two faculties were considered the founding faculties. Subsequently, in January 7, 1952 (in Rabiul Awal 9, 1371 in Moslem calendar) the PTII was essentially converted into university which was then named UISU based on the approval from the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 0677/U/1977 dated in December 31, 1977.

At present, there are nine faculties (Law, Islamic Studies, Economics, English Literature, Teacher Training and Education, Social and Political Science, Agriculture, Medical, and Engineering), 32 undergraduate programs (24 got accredited B), three master programs (accredited B), and one doctoral program in Economics and Policy (this program is run with the cooperation between UISU and UII Jogjakarta).

The Islamic University of North Sumatera is ranked 1st in Kopertis Wilayah I and 124th among universities in Indonesia. With a strong commitment from the internal scholars, the government, the ulemas as well as receiving public trust to build excellence, UISU has graduated more than 30,000 alumni holding various strategic positions in goverment and private offices as well as in foreign companies.


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